A reinterpretation of the Japanese imaginary through the use of manual processes applied to precious materials

Obi, college and dolls style, kimono, sumo, as elements of a new story, decomposed in their essence and reused as inspiration for a feminine, urban and contemporary total look

Tokyo’s winter colors are reproduced with garment dying that creats irregular shades
like abstract and three-dimensional patterns

Warm tones inspired by the autumn foliage of the Japanese gardens are reproduced with handmade multicolor flock prints

Cashmere coats, alpaca jackets, trench coats and leather samurai pants are embroidered with mohair threads on borders with geometric patterns,
enriched with polyurethane macro zips

Silver fox and natural white mink hand embroidered with floating threads are used for new kimonos and over volume shoulder bags

Handmade alpaca knitwear with maxi braids and irregular stitches are combined with unwashed and embossed denim

Colors: black and white, shades of gray, red-orange, pink and acid yellow

the garments of this collection represent the authentic MADE IN ITALY and are entirely realized in Italy by Italian artisans.
They are the result of hand-made treatments such as specialdyes and embroideries, which are by now characteristic for haute couture only.

Furs: Saga Furs
Zippers :YKK
Leather : Luxury Leather
Knitwear : Pecci Filati
Socks: Omero Collant
Hair: Henry Olivier
Make up: Giulio Pancera
Show production : Studio Rosemary Ferrari
Sound design: Valentina Sartorio
Stylist: Marzia Fossati
Press office: Maximilian Linz